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Gigabyte plans CeBIT debut for M1022, M1024 and M1028 netbooks

Darren Murph

We already knew that Gigabyte was planning to wow onlookers in Hanover with its touchscreen convertible netbook (that'd be the M1028; pictured), but now we're finding that it'll be joined by two others when things get kicked off around a week from now. Reportedly, two other 10-inch netbooks will be showcased to the world at CeBIT: the M1022 and the Atom N270-equipped M1024. It's said that the latter will simply be a thinner and lighter version of the M1028, while the M1022 will get gifted with Intel's newer N280 processor. Beyond that, details are few and far between, but hopefully we'll get all up in their system profiles in a few days.

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