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MadWorld won't run in 480p (consolation: multiplayer footage!)


Being Wii gamers, we're not total graphics snobs, but many feel that 480p support really should be the standard for new games by now. We guess Platinum Games didn't get the memo, as upcoming MadWorld will only run in 480i, IGN reports. Neither Platinum Games nor Sega have made an official statement as to why the game is stuck in 480i, but regardless of interlaces or progressives, you have to admit the game still looks sweet.

For those of you who feel the same way, you might want to head past the break for a sneak peek at the game's multiplayer Blood Bath challenges. Still planning to pick up the game, despite 480i? Or is the deal totally off now?


Source - MadWorld in 480i
Source - First look at multiplayer [Via Go Nintendo]

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