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Namco's DSiWare Katamari puzzler, downloadable Mr. Drillers, in screens


GAME Watch has some direct-feed screens of Namco Bandai's DSiWare and WiiWare lineup, along with the title of one as-yet-unrevealed DSiWare game, Diet Memo, that probably isn't that exciting.

We were most curious, of course, about Korogashi Puzzle Katamari Damacy, imagining some kind of completely bizarre puzzle game with quirky music and completely unique gameplay elements. It will have one of those, in the form of an ending theme, "Katamari of Love," created using the vocal synthesis software (and singing star, of sorts) Hatsune Miku. As for the gameplay: it's basically Pac-Attack, or Cosmo Gang: The Video, again. Players arrange sets of stuff, and occasionally a Katamari will appear to roll up adjacent objects. That's not bad for 500 points, but it's certainly not the kind of originality we associate with Katamari.

Speaking of originality: screens of DSiWare Mr. Driller confirm that it really is content from Drill Spirits, directly excerpted. It looks exactly the same. Again, for 500 points, it might be a viable download for DSi owners this week, but not those who already own Drill Spirits. Mr. Driller World for WiiWare, on the other hand, is new, with a bright new visual style!

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