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Sackboy of Persia will melt your heart

Jem Alexander

How adorable is this? It's the Prince from the 2008 Prince of Persia reboot recreated in Sackboy form. Media Molecule keeps saying that official, purchasable Sackboys are coming, but when we see stuff like this it makes the wait much harder. The two pictured above were made by craftswoman extraordinaire, Maggie Wang. Check out her website for more pictures of Sackboy Prince from various angles, along with some tips on how he was made.

Looking at these images we can't help but wish for some LittleBigPlanet Prince of Persia DLC in the future. Perhaps involving a wall-running powerup? Then again, what game wouldn't be awesome when converted to LittleBigPlanet DLC? Wonder when those Final Fantasy VII and Killzone 2 packs will finally come out ...

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