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Samsung debuts PL10 "multimedia camera"


Well, it looks like Samsung has learned a thing or two from all those KIRF cameras we've seen over the years, with its new 9-megapixel PL10 model packing a number of "multimedia" functions in addition to the usual picture-taking abilities. While there doesn't appear to be an e-book reader or any games to speak of, the camera will apparently handle your MP3s and video files with relative ease, and even let you whip up a quick slideshow set to the cheesy tune of your choice right on the camera. As for the camera itself, you'll have to make do without such niceties as an optical zoom, but you will get some face detection and digital image stabilization, as well as a decently-sized 2.7-inch LCD and, of course, your choice of five different colors. Look for this one to hit the UK in April for £179, or roughly $260.

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