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50 Cent to start reading Joystiq


Among the variety of topics brought up during 50 Cent's conference call earlier this afternoon, we somehow cajoled the perpetually beefing rapper (that's an industry term, obviously) into giving our fledgling little site a shot. After asking Fiddy (we can call him that -- we're boyz) about his responsibility to his fans regarding the amount of vulgar language employed in his latest game, 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand, the rapper addressed us personally.

Speaking directly to me, he said, "You're from, right?" To which we responded, "Yup, Ben from" Now pay really close attention to this next part, 'cause this is where it gets good.

"Ben, I'm gonna watch what you write and I'm gonna find yo ass!"

Oh my! Come for the interview transcription (which is coming up later today) and stay for your game's review!

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