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You know, Engadget is a big place. Huge, really, and we hit a lot of news. Tons even. Metric tons. When there's a big story happening, we often do a number of posts covering every possible angle imaginable. We love being super thorough -- and we know you love it too -- but sometimes you don't want to go searching all over the place for that news (or searching for all the news on that item). So we've introduced individual pages for the big stories of the moment (or "hubs," as we've been calling them) -- they're just over there, on the right rail. They basically put all the really high priority material we have on a given device / event / experience in an easy to reach place, along with our hand plucked videos and galleries, so you get the whole story, not just little bits and pieces. Of course, they also let you see every single thing we've tagged for that particular story too, if that's your cup of tea. Our hope is that it makes it easier to make sense of the loads of material we write... and not-so-secretly, we think they look pretty cool too.

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