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Microsoft's Lewis on used games, Windows 7 gaming


Speaking to, Chris Lewis, VP for Microsoft's Entertainment and Devices division in Europe, managed to put a positive spin on used game sales. Typically maligned by the industry for hurting sales of new games, Lewis noted that used games offer gamers the opportunity to play games they might not ordinarily play. According to Lewis, used games get "more people touching, playing, experiencing a game," which he believes is a good thing for the games industry.

Naturally, that doesn't stop Lewis from suggesting that the promise of premium DLC might be a good way to keep gamers from selling their games, though he reiterates his belief that used games are "a positive thing." Given GameStop COO J. Paul Raines' recent comments suggesting that most consumers sell their games to help pay for new ones, Lewis may be right.

Regarding games on Windows 7, Lewis notes that the upcoming OS will be "great for games." He adds, "It's all good news - it's even more robust, it's quicker relatively, and the early testing cycles are proving very promising overall." We hope that's true, though the "relatively" bit has us a little nervous.

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