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Rogers launches LG's TU330 Globus flip phone for $29.99 on contract

Darren Murph

Earlier this month, we saw pretty solid evidence that Rogers Wireless was gearing up to launch LG's TU330 Globus, and sure enough, said flip phone has just popped up for ordering on the Canadian carrier's website. The 3G-capable handset boasts a 1.3 megapixel camera, tri-band HSPA / quad-band GSM support, stereo Bluetooth, a microSD card slot, a 220 x 176 resolution display and video recording. And just think, it can all be yours for the higher than anticipated price of $29.99 on a 3-year contract. Take our advice here and just buy the thing outright for $79.99 $179.99 -- the next three years of your life are worth more than fifty bones.

[Via MobileSyrup]

Update: Looks like it's actually a slightly more hard-to-swallow $180 off contract, not $80. Thanks for the correction, Hayden!

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