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Sony's GXD-L64H1 LCD survives elemental woes, ignores economic ones

Tim Stevens

We see plenty of rugged and semi-rugged entries in the portable market, but it's not often that you see a large-screen HDTV you'd want to touch with anything other than white gloves and (clean) cotton diapers. Sony's GXD-L64H1 is one of those rare durable displays, a 65-inch LCD that scores an IP54 on the International Protection Rating scale. That means it's almost entirely dust-proof and can survive a light shower, as demonstrated in a video after the break -- at least we presume that's what they're demonstrating, as the footage never shows the thing actually turning on again. The set is due to hit the market with a splash (sorry) in May at a price of ¥1,850,000, about $19,300, making us wonder if it can float in these economic times.

[Via Akihabara News]

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