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The Last Remnant on PC March 24, Steam in April


Square Enix has set a March 24 date for the PC release of its cross-platform RPG The Last Remnant. The Games for Windows title will offer new features not available in the Xbox 360 version, including the ability to choose between English or Japanese dialogue. Enhancements and fixes are also planned, such as improved character animation and faster battles.

In a separate announcement, Valve and Square Enix have confirmed a partnership to bring the latter's catalog of PC titles to the former's Steam service, starting with The Last Remnant on April 9. The game will be the digital distribution platform's first major Japanese RPG offering. Pricing has not yet been announced.

Square Enix president and CEO, John Yamamoto, said of the deal, "We are excited to offer the millions of Steam customers online access to Square Enix titles beginning with our major action RPG, The Last Remnant," adding that, "Square Enix is committed to delivering the best quality titles to PC gamers and distribution on Steam is one of the many steps we are taking to increase accessibility for fans in North America and PAL territories."

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