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Breakfast Topic: Which city will you champion?

Zach Yonzon

I love Silvermoon. I mean, really, I think it's the best capital city in the game. This probably has a lot to do with the fact that all the Battlemasters are close together in one room and I hardly have to move in order to queue for three Battlegrounds. Of course, if the changes in Patch 3.1 push through and I'm able to queue from anywhere, that plus won't be so important anymore. That said, I think Silvermoon is beautiful, has multiple mailboxes, two banks, two Inns, and more importantly, is always lag-free.

This brings me to today's question... with the Argent Tournament that's slated to arrive with Patch 3.1 allowing players to choose a city to champion, which one would you pick? You could, of course, base your decision solely on what appears to be city-based vanity pet rewards. An Elwynn Lamb, perhaps, for championing Stormwind? Or a Durotar Scorpion for taking hits for Orgrimmar? I'm destined to end with an Enchanted Broom, I think, similar to what you find in the streets of Silvermoon City.

There are probably other rewards, such as city-based tabards, and maybe even titles (remember the original titles for server-first races?). Without knowing all the rewards, though, which city's name are you inclined to fight under when the Argent Tournament arrives? Are you a defender of Dun Morogh? An exemplar of Exodar? Or maybe even a soldier of Sen'jin Village!

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