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ECA leading 'action campaign' against proposed digital distribution tax

If you've ever wondered what the Entertainment Consumers Association actually does, here's your answer -- in an attempt to combat a proposed tax on digitally distributed content and games in a number of states, the ECA is mobilizing its troops in an "action campaign" against these taxes. Specifically, the group will be rallying its members in Washington, Mississippi and New York to protest DLC tax bills that are currently working their way through their respective state legislatures.

In an email to ECA members residing in Washington state, the organization's redundantly named president, Hal Halpin, pointed out the unconsidered negative effects of such a tax, saying it will "suppress consumption, which will cause layoffs at effected businesses, including the video game industry, which employs many Washington residents." We can't wait to see what protest tactics the ECA employs in Microsoft's home state -- folk music? Cosplay? We're betting on rampant property destruction -- after all, it's not a Washington protest until you bust up a few Starbucks.

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