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Further signs point to an international Kindle

Tim Stevens

If last night's unveiling of a suspiciously SIM-shaped blank space on the Kindle 2's circuit board wasn't enough proof for you that our little reader is set for a big international journey, this might just be the ticket. Lab126, the company that developed the Kindle -- which also happens to be owned by Amazon -- has posted a job listing for a "Wireless Software (Firmware) Manager" with "competency in 3G wireless technology (HSPA, EVDO)," experience in "working with one or more 3G wireless chipset solutions and Linux-based devices," and who doesn't mind engaging in a little overseas travel themselves. Granted, this could be in regards to some other wireless, Linux-powered mobile device under development by the company, but we'll let you draw your own conclusions. Oh, and if you're a globetrotting wireless guru you'd better hurry up and get that resume in -- haven't you heard we're in a recession?

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