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Googaby brings hard fought freedom to your Google contacts


Friends! Gmail users! Countrymen! Lend me your ears! For too long our Google contacts have slaved away under their Gmail masters, confined to the tyranny of the browser, and chained to their own accounts. For too long, we have stood idly by while our contacts toil away in slavery, constantly having to copy-and-paste (or worse, retype) if they must be moved anywhere (unless you have an iPhone and can leverage the built-in contact sync from Address Book).

But our savior, at long last, is here! Googaby is an app that will liberate your Google contacts, pull them out of the oppression of however many Gmail accounts you have, and let you drag and drop them off between accounts and onto spreadsheets and other external sources. It'll also backup your contacts, and you can even drag and drop contact pictures -- no more must we undergo the deadly toil of updating contacts by hand! No more must we suffer the toils of servitude!

The price of freedom? Only $24.95, and that includes the already-spilt blood of your contact brethren. If you spend an inordinate amount of time challenging the filthy, greedy overlords of your Gmail accounts, who refuse to let you share or edit your contacts easily, now is the time to rise up! Now is the time for a revolution! Freedom for us all!

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