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Guildwatch: Brother against brother

Mike Schramm

The worst thing about the screenshot above? "Nùker" is a character that's already been known around the server as a ninja. We swear, people -- we work week after week to bring you all this news of nefarious guild switching and loot stealing, and you're not even paying attention. Given, as ninjas go, taking the mammoth is a pretty lame way to ruin your rep (or at least ruin it even more), but still, we're posting all of this for a reason here, people!

Oh, that, and because it's really funny. More drama, downed, and recruiting news after the break in this week's Guildwatch. If you've got guild news of any kind (especially drama -- we're full up on downed news lately, but drama is harder to come by), send it right along to And keep an eye out for your server and guild in this week's GW -- you never know when we'll show up on your doorstep.


  • This isn't drama news (it's actually downed), but we wanted to put it up here to make sure it didn't get lost in the mix. Kamuflasjefylla on EU Dentarg cleared out the "Safety Dance" in Heroic Naxxramas, and while they were doing it, one of their members even pulled out his guitar and started singing on Vent. Why are we putting this right up top here? Because they recorded it.. Beautiful!
  • Some interesting news from The Aggro League on Thrall -- the guild recently went from a DKP loot system to a "rank weighted system." In other words, your roll increases by the rank you have in the guild -- GM gets a +50 to the roll, senior officers get +40, and so on. Understandably, the guild is in a bit of an uproar, and our tipster says he expects a guild split soon. A lot of guildies are apparently feeling that the GM and officers just want to gear themselves up before Ulduar drops. Which makes sense to us -- it's not fair, but it makes sense.
  • This thread starts out interesting, but then it gets epic. Originally, Tyt is angry that even though he's the only Rogue in the raid, and another Rogue picked off Webbed Death from him the previous week, it got passed off to a Shaman instead. Later, we find out that the GM is his real-life brother, and the whole loot incident has caused some tension between them. So eventually, Tyt takes the /gquit advice, and over on page 3, it turns into an all-out bank ninja, brother against brother, with the guild's loot on the line. We almost don't believe it's true (it's almost too good a story to be real), but if there was ever a case of anyone taking the game too seriously, this is definitely it.
  • A few members including Zint, of Continuum on Aegwynn, applied to There is No Cow Level, and their GM, Psychobilly, saw the apps on the TiNCL forums, and kicked them all but quick. He's unapologetic (his name is "Admin-Bill" in that thread, we believe), despite the suggestions he's getting from outside the guild that he should have tried to patch things up rather than cutting them off completely.
  • Blackout on EU Stormreaver got in some trouble this week -- they took a member of Exploding Labrats along to a raid with them, and then wanted to get him kicked because a guildie was ready to join. They ended up misdirecting mobs onto him and killing him off. This thread supposedly (EU forums are down at the moment for us) contains the server venting against Blackout, and eventually the GM, cornered, demotes the officer in charge of the raid. As our tipster says, "drama rages on."
  • IP Conflict on Perenolde is accused of changing up the loot rules for a PuG raid, but when the GM of the guild appears in the thread to try and defend himself and calls all of the PuGgers on the server "morons," the realm tears him a new one. We can't be too hard on him though -- eventually, he steps up and apologizes. We'd also like to send a shout-out to Jacckk of post 109 in the original thread -- he saw us coming from a mile away.
  • Also on Perenolde, the raidleader of Argh, a Death Knight named Anatra, decided to kick all of the other Death Knights from a PuG raid so he would be the only one rolling on his gloves. Classy. But Mordiff, the OP, comes back and says he got an apology, too. What's with you, Perenolde dramatists?! You're not supposed to apologize!
  • Ninja alert: as you can see above, Nùker (currently of Afterthought on Altar of Storms) decided to nab the Black War Mammoth from VoA and take off. Apparently he'd been reported as a ninja before, so here's the thing -- if someone is a known ninja, you're not supposed to group with them, people!
  • Finally, this is hilarious: Who invited the dragon to the wedding?!? Oh, it was This is Absolution on The Scryers.
  • Marauders on Twisting Nether-A finally finished Naxx 10 with nothing but guildies. They could always use more 80s, too -- next step is Naxx 25, and after that, trying out the 10 man Eye of Eternity.
  • The Schwartz of Alleria cleared out Naxx this week, and even one-shotted Sapphiron with just nine people due to some connection problems. Malygos is on notice for next time.
  • Hells Angus on Eldre'Thalas downed 10 man KT for first time. Having already cleared 10 man OS and Vault, they say that Malygos is on notice.
  • Citadel on The Scryers one-shotted Sapphiron and also killed Kel'Thuzad for a Heroic Naxx full clear guild first. Congrats!
  • Team Cartel (Dunemaul-H) downed 25 man Kel'Thuzad for a guild first, and it was extra sweet because they had called it as their last try of the night. They're headed onwards to Malygos to finish up the main raids in the current patch.
  • Ludicrous Speed on Darkspear finished off Sarth 3D, both 10-man and 25-man. That makes them the first Hordeside guild on the server to clear out all available content and the hard modes also. Very nice!
  • Katanas Edge on Mok'Nathal celebrated their second anniversary as a guild by doing a level 1 naked Gnome race to the Gurubashi arena, and then had a battle royal when everyone showed up. Later on, they had both 10-man teams down Sapphiron, and Kel'Thuzad got dropped by both teams soon after.
  • The Astral Order on Eldre'Thalas has run out of things to kill. They dropped Heroic Malygos, and with that finished off all of the 25-man content in just 38 days of raiding, even while staying casual and having fun. Very nice -- grats to the whole guild.
  • Tinker Town Mafia had a busy week. They cleared 10-man Naxx, went on to Sarth and dropped him, went back with just eight people for the achievement, and then did Heroic Sarth with 20 people for the heroic achievement. Next up is Malygos, and they're aiming to leave the drakes alive in OS as well.
  • Relentless Assaults from Moonrunner downed 25-man Sapphiron this week on their third try with a few people who'd never been there before. Unfortunately, they say, because of too many slowpokes in the raid with rezzing and re-buffing, they're moving over to a DKP system. Hope it works.
  • D A R K S I D E is a newly formed guild that moved servers from Kilrogg EU to Blade's Edge EU for a new start with a core group of friends. Since the move, they've downed all 25-man content except Malygos. And they're still looking to grow: seeking a Warlock, Hunter and Mage. Even if you've never raided before but are mature and ready to learn, they'll get you going.
  • Stargazer Clan (Elune-A) finished off the last remnants of current WotLK content the other weekend, taking down Malygos 25 and Sartharion 1D for for guild firsts. They're looking forward to finishing off Sarth 3D before Ulduar comes out, as well as having a few blue drakes to fly up there on.
  • Novo Ordum Mundi on Steamwheedle Cartel-H have cleared all of the 10-man Naxx content in their second official week of raiding, including a one-shot of Patchwerk and Thaddius and a busy night of farming all of the mats for nine sets of frost resist gear. They even sent Malygos a valentine -- he dropped it on the floor and then went to the window for a while to think about his mortality.
  • Balance of Judgement (EU Darkmoon Faire-A) cleared out Naxx, after four raids, spread over 12 evenings, involving 20 guildies. Malygos is up next.
  • U N K N O W N on Deathwing dropped Heroic Sarth 3D. They weren't that into achievements, but when other guilds started downing it, they felt the peer pressure and did it anyway. They also tanked it with a Void Walker (who suprisingly didn't take any Breaths at all), but as per Blizzard, they probably won't be doing that any more.
  • Heroes of Old on Stormreaver-A downed Malygos. Sarth 2D is next up on the agenda.
  • Ohm is Futile on Eonar just completed their first Naxx clear and look forward to EoE. They are also looking to recruit all classes.
  • Neener Neener on Anvilmar-A downed Saph 10 tonight in just one shot on their very first try. Only one member of the raid had even been in the encounter before. Very nice! KT also dropped within about an hour. Next stop, they say, Malygos 10 and Naxx 25.
  • Ad Astra on Vek'nilash finished their first guild 10-man Naxx clear. Malygos is up next. Grats!
  • Bank of the Hawk on Terokkar-H downed Malygos 25. They've also cleared 25-man Naxx and are farming the 10-man version.
  • Corrupted Destiny, a Skywall server guild, killed King Magni Bronzebeard to finish off the Alliance leaders and get their Black War Bears. They were sneaky -- they timed the raid to kill him while Wintergrasp was in progress.
  • Northrend Travel Agency on Doomhammer-A just cleared Naxxramas in only their second week in the instance. They also one-shotted Kel'Thuzad. They're also recruiting every class except Death Knights.
  • P R I M E on Burning Steppes has now downed every Wrath boss 25-man with their Heroic Malygos kill! Sarth 2D is on notice.
  • Reality Ripple on Eonar completed all of the 10-man content in the game, and are currently recruiting for 25-man instances.
  • Synergy on EU Stormreaver completed the "Glory of the Raider" and "Dedicated Few" achievements. Grats!
  • TwoShot on Blackrock has cleared all 10 and 25 man content -- Heroic Naxx and Malygos are being farmed, and they're recruiting skilled (gear doesn't matter) raiders for fun and to round out a second 25-man team.
  • Phoenix on EU Blade's Edge cleared Naxx 10 for the first time, after having only been raiding for a month. They also cleared OS and VoA a while ago. Very nice job.
  • Skartan GnomeTossers on EU Twilight's Hammer cleared out Naxx 25 (with the KT and Sapph screenshots to prove it -- very funny) and OS 10/25. They're heading to EoE next, and are seeking more raiders to join up, specifically Ele/Enhance Shaman, Shadow Priests, Locks, Mages, Boomkins, and a few Healers.
  • E Thugz on Illidan downed Sarth 3D and are now all "of the Nightfall." They say they're one of two guilds on the server with the title. Malygos' six minute achievement is next.
  • Indomítable of Llane-A dropped Malygos 25, even though the tank died on initial pull and a Death Knight grabbed him for the remainder of phase one. Sarth 1D is up next.
  • Horizon of the Durotan realm has once again cleared Naxx 10 after reconfiguring their guild leadership and raiders. OS 10 has also dropped, and they're now working on Eye of Eternity and Sarth 1D. They need more peeps, also -- DPS and a few more healers and then they're good to go.
  • Stuffy Guys on Shadowsong now have Naxx on farm status, have downed Sarth with no drakes and are now working on 2 drakes. They're also eyeing Malygos with something we can only describe as murderous disdain.
  • Random Beating Service on Baelgun got their first Malygos 10-man kill and are working on the 25 man. They're also clearing all 4 Naxx wings in just over four hours. Grats!
  • VALIDUS on EU Darkmoon Faire has cleared 10-man Naxxramas and are working on Malygos 10 which they plan to down soon. Vault and Sarth are also cleared out, and they're recruiting for a second 10-man team that will eventually help them out into the 25-man content.
  • Makai Senshi of EU Turalyon is looking for more (especially healers) to get started on Heroic content and eventually Ulduar. They've cleared out most of the 10-man content already, so if you want to get started with 25, they're your guild.
  • Midnight Hooka Party on Blackhand is recruiting healers and DPS. They're clearing Naxxramas and Obsidian Sanctum weekly with 1 drake down, and 2 drakes soon to come, but they're looking for a few more to kick off the 25-man raids. They "joke around, but get s*** done," too.
  • Hordeland Security of Gorgonnash-H is currently recruiting healers and ranged DPS classes. They are a family-friendly, casual guild looking to start raiding a couple of nights a week regularly. All levels and specs are welcome but they prefer level 78+.
  • Flatline on Hakkar-H is recruiting more Priests, Hunters, and caster DPS. They've only been on the server for a short time, but have cleared 10/25 Naxx, OS, and Malygos. They're working on Sarth 3D for a Horde second, so join up if you're ready to join a guild at the top of their game.
  • Shadow Keepers of Insanity (on EU Darkspear-A) are looking for 2 more healers to join up (preferably Paladin, Shaman or Priest). They are almost ready to venture into Naxx 10 as a guild and just need a couple more healers to do this. Please be experienced at raiding, or at least on the ball and eager to learn, they'll help you get geared ASAP.
  • Torn Empire on the Durotan server is seeking a few more raiders for their Mon-Thursday evening raids. They're fun and casual, with a great sense of community, and a push to always do better. Please be a good player with an attitude to match. They're seeking Rogues, Shaman, Warriors, and Ret or Prot Paladins and Shadow Priests, but will take a look at any class besides Mages.
  • Emperium Spirit on Whisperwind-A isn't looking for members -- they're looking to form a guild alliance. They have currently cleared all 10-man content, are working on Sarth 1D, and are seeking a guild of serious folks who want to raid but cannot field the numbers. If you're looking to move into 25-man content with a friendly, funny, yet serious group of people instead of PuGging every week, do contact them. Note that they're not looking for a merge, just an alliance.
  • Cursed on EU Shadowsong-A is recruiting. They are raiding thrice a week, got Archavon, Sartharion, and Naxx (all 25man) on farm and are heading to Malygos now. They're seeking Elemental Shaman, Enhancement Shaman, Holy Paladins, Warlocks, Shadow Priests and Death Knights.
  • The Great Commission is recruiting on Gul'dan. They are a laid-back, Christian-based guild looking for anyone willing to join. They're open to anyone joining (not just Christians), and they're not 'hardcore' and don't raid often, but they are a good group of people.
  • GTK on Scarlet an active, talkative guild that is looking for more members of any level to join thefamily. They play in a relaxed enviroment and take time to enjoy everything the game has to offer.(Raiding, PVP, RP). They're looking to get into 10 man raiding very soon.
That's it for GW this week. Until next week, happy raiding!

That not enough guild news for you? There's lots more Guildwatch in the archives, including an honest-to-goodness /gkick contract, and lots of red-handed bank looting. Wherever people /gquit or are /gkicked, that's where you'll find GW!

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