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Leaked Snow Leopard screenshots and video show new Stacks, install options

Nilay Patel

We haven't seen too many Snow Leopard screenshots leak out, but it looks like a few more have finally surfaced, and they seem to show some interesting -- if minor -- interface enhancements. Most notably, Stacks now allows nested browsing, so if you click on a folder in the stack view, the old stack drops back and you can navigate the folder contents -- the old way just opened a Finder window. Other improvements include a Put Back menu item for accidentally-trashed items, a redesigned Keyboard Shortcuts prefpane that might encourage people to actually use it, and what looks like a welcome new installer option to only install printer drivers for printers that have been used with your machine. That alone should cut down on Snow Leopard's install size -- now if Apple would just figure out that we don't need 200 language packs by default, we'd be really getting somewhere. All the images in the gallery, and video of the new Stacks behavior after the break.

Update: Flickr user Stellarolla pinged us to share one more shot showing some preset HDTV modes, check it after the break!

[Via AppleInsider]

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