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Sony: PSN accounts surpass 20 million worldwide

Jason Dobson

Stat-crunching accountants emerged from beneath their desks this morning with the latest tally of accounts piling up on PlayStation Network. Unsatisfied with last month's torrent of PSN stats, Sony announced today that more than 20 million accounts have been registered since the service first went live in Japan on November 11, 2006.

The number reflects an increase over the 17 million accounts boasted during Sony's CES 2009 keynote address in January, and similarly includes users across the PS3, PSP and official website. Sony also notes that over $180 million has been spent by PSN users on more than 380 million different pieces of digital content. There, now with the morning bean-counting out of the way, we're off for our morning jog though the streets of Home (there's more than 4 million of us on there now, you know).

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