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The Daily Roundup: here's what you might've missed

Ross Miller

MacBook Pro 17-inch unibody unboxing and hands-on
Now this is more like it. Our favorite dude in the world (AKA the FedEx guy) just dropped this slab of nasty Apple magic on our doorstep.

Sleek new Studio XPS 435 materializes on Dell website
Well, what do we have here? Dell's own website has outed a new Studio XPS 435.

Jeff Bezos chats up the Kindle 2 with Jon Stewart
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos showed up at Jon Stewart's pad the other day to discuss the Kindle 2, and Jon seemed fairly unimpressed.
Other news of import

Cheaper Blu-ray? Sony, Panasonic, and Philips say it's coming, honestly
Look, we don't really "get" people who aren't willing to buy the latest and greatest thing regardless of the price and / or current economic state, but evidently there's a rather large sector still clinging to their antiquated DVD format.

Samsung Memoir hands-on
Is the world ready for consumer-class 8 megapixel cameraphones? That's a loaded question, but one way or another, T-Mobile's about to find out now that its SGH-T929 Memoir from Samsung is in the marketplace.

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