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WoW Moviewatch: No Point: Stretching Time


As a note, if you're having trouble viewing this video through the stream, there are many more viewing options at the good Baron's blog. I highly recommend downloading the HD options for best experience.

I first got word a few days ago. A small wisp of warning, a whisper that today's big news was coming. Time passes, days go by. Then, yesterday, a heads up sent by Selserene (whom I thank vastly for the message). Then, a promotional message on the front of one of my favorite sites, Myndflame. And, finally, a link! Confirmation! It was true my friends -- the good Baron Soosdon has released his 30 minute masterpiece, No Point: Stretching Time.

Now, I feel that me reviewing Baron Soosdon is a little like a college newspaper fantasy columnist trying to review Peter Jackson, but I'll share my thoughts on his new movie.

Obviously, I can't say enough good things about how pretty it all looks. The landscaping alone is worth thirty minutes of drooling. The Baron had some help with this, it seems (such as the inimitable Bullshitmaster). His team really pulled off an absolutely gorgeous world.

The music is strong, of course. The Baron has a flair for choosing fast-paced music that lends a sense of movement to his stories. Since there's no dialogue in "No Point," the music is critical to the sense of pacing and action.

I loved (LOVED) the "future" Azerothian opening. Guns, terminals, and technology lent a sense of realism to the story. I know that sounds odd, so let me explain. Most WoW machinima is based on the in-game graphics and action. By going outside that box to a future-world, the Baron creates a sense of lore. The setting leaves a simple three-dimensional environment, and opens up an important fourth dimension -- time. The events you see now are the result of other actions, and the current events will have consequences down the road. Cause and effect can be characters on their own, and the Baron seems to make good use of them.

I think the plot's open to interpretation. To summarize, though, a Blood Elf tries to steal an artifact. Said artifact ends up in the past, where it is found during a fishing trip. Thus the teaser line, "How wrong can one fishing trip go?"

The last thing I want to mention is that I love the use of Gnomes as main characters. For that alone, I tip my hat to the good Baron Soosdon. The characters, as used by the Baron, are compelling and identifiable. You can feel real empathy for them, and they stand out in a sea of Super Cool Blood Elf Hardcore Badasses.

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