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DCUO brings Doomsday to the party

If you've been looking for an update on Sony Online Entertainment's upcoming super-hero MMORPG, DC Universe Online, then you're in luck. They've just released a trailer showing off one of the first big missions in DC Universe Online, where players will get to fight alongside either Superman or Lex Luthor to take down Doomsday. (Talk about setting the bar at epic levels in the game!) While it's still fairly rough footage so far as movement, the feel of the storyline - especially with Geoff Johns and Marv Wolfman on the team - sounds like it's going to be pretty sweet.

You can check behind the break for an embedded copy of the video. Alternately if you'd like to see it in all it's awesomeosity, our sister site Big Download has a copy of the HD trailer for you to download and comics geek out on. Hopefully they'll continue sending out juicy tidbits like this as work progresses on DCUO!

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