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Full details on Mission Architect system for City of Heroes

Kyle Horner

Today, NCsoft has lifted the veil on their Mission Architect system coming in the free Issue 14 update for City of Heroes -- which is currently looking at a March 2009 release.

We've got both a shiny collection of screens and a nice juicy hour-long audio file of Joe Morrissey discussing the various (and numerous) ins and outs of this hugely anticipated feature. Of course, we've also distilled the most pertinent information into an easily skimmed list, which you can find after the break along with the audio.

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Mission Architect's key features

  • System for creating missions is built into the game. A company called "Architect Entertainment" offers a virtual world experience for heroes and villains. You enter this company, create your adventure via a Holodeck-like interface and share it with the world.
  • XP and influence rewards for player-created missions are exactly the same as any other mission rewards.
  • You can level a character from level 1 to level 50 solely through Architect Entertainment at an equivalent rate to leveling elsewhere.
  • Missions can be shared with anyone regardless of what server or side someone plays on.
  • The mission browser is for people who just want to play the user created content. You can sort these stories by name, highest rated, length and recently added.
  • You can rate a mission from 1-5 stars after completing it.
  • Depending on how well the mission is rated, its creator will get in-game benefits and could even enter a Hall of Fame. Incentives!
  • Missions of high regard could become Dev Choice, where even more rewards lie in wait.
  • A mysterious third tier exists, but more on that later...
Inappropriate content
  • Language filters check for unwanted words and won't allow publishing them until they're removed.
  • Players can flag content for inappropriateness.
  • All users and flags are tracked for any potential vote griefing.
  • Every enemy group that's been in the game since launch is available.
  • Conversely, you can create custom enemies and enemy groups.
  • Pick from minions, lieutenants, bosses.
  • Give enemies any powers you want.
  • Local stories are on your actual harddrive, and you can have as many as you can store.
  • These local stories can be tested by you or your party, but they are not considered published yet.
  • While playing local stories, you gain no rewards as this is meant for testing.
  • There's a separate section for creating your own custom characters for missions.
  • Architect Entertainment buildings are in 19 different zones.
  • Each account can have up to 3 published story arcs.
  • A story arc can be made of up to 5 missions.
  • Up to 25 objectives in each missions.

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