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Help World of Warcraft, come test Ulduar!


Ok. Ulduar looks amazing. We really, really, really want to go raiding in the Halls of the Titans and learn more about the ancient city that resides in the Storm Peaks. But, sadly, we're relegated to waiting until patch 3.1 launches onto World of Warcraft's servers.

Or are we?

Our sister site, WoW Insider, got a hold of the test schedule of Ulduar raid bosses. Tonight is the first, Hodir, and he's already started (since 7 PM)! If you can't get on tonight (as some of our correspondents at WoW Insider are locked out) then no worries, as the Iron Council will be the boss for tomorrow night at 7. The full schedule is as follows:

On the North American test realms
Hodir - Thursday night, February 26, starting at 7pm EST/4pm PST.
Iron Council - Friday night, February 27, starting at 7pm EST/4pm PST

On the European test realms
Thorim - Friday night, February 27, starting at 7pm CET.
Freya - Friday night, February 28, starting at 7pm CET.

The full story is over at WoW Insider, so stop on by and check out how to find Hodir.

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