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HP quietly updates Pavilion dv7t gaming laptop

Darren Murph

While HP's dv7t provides a much more subtle way to game on-the-go compared to say, the HDX crew, we don't see the necessity in keeping these updates all hush-hush. For whatever reason, it seems that said laptop has been updated overnight from 17- to 17.3-inches (we're talking LCD size, by the way), and the NVIDIA graphics option has been replaced with a pair of ATI selections: the 512MB Mobility Radeon HD 4530 and 1GB HD 4650. The newfangled 17.3-inch panel sports a somewhat deflating 1,600 x 900 native resolution, though there is good news to be shared. The previous $1,229 starting point has dropped to a decidedly more manageable $799.99, though it'll cost you extra to equip this beast with the 2GHz Core 2 Quad CPU that it really deserves.

[Thanks, Johnny and Coal]

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