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IGF-nominated Night Game is WiiWare exclusive


We've heard intermittently that Night Game (working title), the Independent Games Festival award-nominated action-puzzler from Knytt Stories' Nifflas, would appear on WiiWare -- an IGN interview with composer Chris Schlarb called it a WiiWare and PC game. Nintendo's huge press release this morning has made it official: not only is Night Game coming to WiiWare, it's a WiiWare exclusive. Night Game involves maneuvering a ball through (the silhouettes of) various environmental puzzles.

Nifflas is directing Night Game -- which has "no enemies and no violence" -- for developer Nicalis, which you may know from another high-profile WiiWare project: Cave Story. Neither company has dated Night Game. For that matter, Nintendo didn't mention Cave Story in its press release outside of the blurb about Night Game. Hopefully that's still on track!

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