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World at War receives free 'Makin Day' DLC, gets patched

Dustin Burg

Available today, courtesy of developer Treyarch, is a new patch for Call of Duty: World at War as well as a free multiplayer map. The map isn't exactly new, but could be especially satisfying for soldiers who prefer battling without the cover of night.

The new "Makin Day" map is a remake of current World at War offering Makin, with a generous splash of the sun's daylight glow. The map is installed automatically with the PlayStation 3 version of the patch and Xbox 360 users can grab the free content via the Xbox Live Marketplace. Speaking of the patch, a list of platform-specific updates (Xbox 360 / PS3) can be viewed on the official World at War forums. We're sure "Rocket Jumpers" will be none too pleased to discover their special ability has been taken away.

[Via Major Nelson]

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