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DualShock Vortex concept controller brings the neGcon out of the nineties

Tim Stevens

In the halcyon days before dual analog sticks, when gamers had only D-pads and buttons and that's the way we liked it, serious PlayStation drifters had one weapon of choice for 'Ridge Racer' battles: the neGcon from Namco. It and its twisting mechanism never really caught on, but it hasn't been entirely forgotten, reborn through the DualShock Vortex pictured above, a controller extending the same concept to the PS3, offering the 45 degrees of twist you'll want for Gran Turismo 5 (if it ever ships) plus the analog sticks you'll need for Killzone 2. Alas, it's just a rendered concept from Israeli designer Tamar Fleisher at this point, and is rather unlikely to show up at a game retailer near you, but maybe if enough of you e-mail the kind folks at the now Namco Bandai they'll think about making it a reality.

[Via Gizmodo]

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