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Family Pirate Party brings pirates, oxymorons to WiiWare


By all rights, "pirate" and "family" should never be used in the same sentence, unless that sentence is "A pirate killed my entire family." Still, somewhere between Sid Meier's Pirates! and Johnny Depp it seems that pirates have gone from being the scourge of the Seven Seas to high-flying family entertainment. Sure, they might rape and pillage, but they also say "Arrrrrgh!" and keep hilarious monkeys as pets. We imagine it's the newer, friendlier brand of pirates that's present in Aksys Games upcoming Family Pirate Party for WiiWare.

Actually, as it turns out, the game stars the same family seen in Family Glide Hockey, which released earlier this year and was pretty awful. Family Pirate Party is a board game that has players sailing to various islands, plundering treasure and participating in "hilariously exciting minigames." Hey, the Wii could always use more minigames, right?

Fun fact: Family Pirate Party is made by Arc System Works, the same developer that brought us Guilty Gear. We're confused too.


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