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GameStop plans nationwide Halo Wars midnight launch events

Dustin Burg

This coming Monday, March 2 at around 10 pm, over 2,000 GameStop stores Stateside will be hosting Halo Wars midnight launch events.

No, there won't be a DJ or any beverages being served at these gatherings. Instead, GameStop plans on wooing midnight launch goers with trivia challenges, a dress up contest, some sort of Warthog races and (because it's Halo'verse related) a Halo 3 tournament. Some attendees can even win (get this) a Halo themed Xbox 360 skin. We only hope their employees are prepared for the influx of fanboys that will descend on their teeny-tiny establishments.

A list of stores participating in the midnight launch can be viewed here (PDF alert), but we recommend giving your local GameStop a ringle-jingle. Also, if one night of Halo Wars excitement just isn't enough to satisfy, be sure to check out their pre-launch Halo Wars tournament that takes place this weekend.

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