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Hollywood still doesn't understand why people pirate content

Ben Drawbaugh

We believe that the only way to really understand what is going on is to listen to both sides and this one of the reason why we like Home Media Magazine. We feel like it gives us an inside perspective into the minds of the Home Media market, and thus Hollywood. This recent post on said site by Erik Gruenwedel really exposes how Hollywood still doesn't understand piracy. While we recognize that some people will steal just for the sake of it, we really believe that most prefer the legit route -- when given a choice. But the tech savvy looking to move forward with how they consume content really don't have many options right now. With the CableCARD HTPC fiasco and the prices plus restrictions that go along with services like iTunes and Xbox Live Marketplace, what else is a geek to do? For a brief moment there with offerings like Hulu, It almost seemed like Hollywood was coming along , but then recently their true colors were revealed once again. The real problem of course is that while consumers look at technology a way to improve the way they consume content, Hollywood sees it as a threat, and even worse, as just a way to increase revenues and control over the content. And as far as downloading movies goes, can you say release window?

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