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Nokia's XpressMusic 5800 troubled with speaker and NAM radio woes?


Seems all's not rosy in North American XpressMusic 5800-land, as tipsters and forums are buzzing with reports that the newly launched touchscreen isn't connecting to 3G. We did a little spelunking on the newly launched set ourselves, and we can confirm that 3G appears to be a complete no-go -- GSM works fine, but apart from a very brief 3.5G blip, we're getting nothing in terms of UMTS or HSDPA. Also on the block in the trouble department is the ongoing speaker failing issue we've heard so much about of late. Apparently the issue stems from a supplier's earpiece units packing it in -- and Mobile-review used science to prove this -- due to humidity. The fix? Grab one made in February, we're told, or if you already have one of the affected Euro-spec units, Nokia has parts in from a new supplier and should be able to sort you out right quick.

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