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North Americans will drum along to original Let's Tap soundtrack


While the concept was intriguing, what really drew our continued attention to Prope's Let's Tap was the promise of a free cardboard box the music. The super-bouncy, catchy soundtrack, most notably the theme song, makes us extremely happy that Prope decided to include a Taiko no Tatsujin-like music game among the lineup of minigames.

When Sega announced a North American release, we feared that it would record new music or license popular tunes for the Rhythm Tap mode -- even if we didn't think Sega would drop that kind of money, we maintained a low-level dread regarding the possibility. Luckily, Sega confirmed via its blog that Let's Tap will stay "true to the Japanese feel of the game" and include all of the Japanese tracks! That includes "Kung Fu Disco," which just happens to be embedded after the break.

Good call, Sega. It's good for us, and good for your budget.


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