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Sirius / DirecTV bundles already being considered

Darren Murph

We posed the question barely a week ago, and already we've got our answer. Or, not really, but pretty much. You see, Liberty Media (DirecTV's parent company) CEO Gregg Maffei told analysts on a recent conference call that "one could talk about or imagine bundles, probably the $80 [per month] DirecTV product offering free trials of the $11 [monthly] Sirius XM product more likely than the other way around." He continued by stating that he hoped Sirius and DirecTV could "proceed on some of those in ways that are obviously beneficial for both parties." Really, we feel that it's just a matter of time. DirecTV has been grappling for ways to outgun DISH for years, and it'd be tough to fathom the satcaster having Sirius as a cousin and not exploiting it. Whether or not bundled sat ratio will be enough to make prospective customers choose it over other pay-TV alternatives remains to be seen, but really, what does DirecTV (or Sirius, for that matter) have to lose?

[Thanks, Vanbrothers]

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