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Taito reveals Space Invaders, Cooking Mama games for iPhone, iPod, Android


Taito has announced that iPhone and iPod Touch users can access versions of Space Invaders and Cooking Mama in the app store now. The Space Invaders game available in the app store is of the classic variety, but features "full use of the motion sensor and other iPhone 3G and iPod Touch input methods." As for Cooking Mama, the version available for the iPhone and iPod Touch includes "both favorite recipes from past console installments as well as a variety of dishes completely new to the series" and has been enhanced to "make the most of the iPhone 3G / iPod touch's multi-touch screen accelerometer." You can find Cooking Mama and Space Invaders in the app store now for $6.99 and $4.99, respectively.

In addition to new games for Apple platforms, Taito has also announced plans to support Android. T-Mobile users will be able to pick up Arkanoid and Space Invaders now for $5.99 each.

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Gallery: Space Invaders (iPhone/iPod) | 3 Photos

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