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How to receive the coveted LittleBigPlanet crown

Somewhat reminiscent of Halo 3's highly sought-after Flaming Hayabusa helmet (although infinitely more adorable), LittleBigPlanet's Community Prize Crown, a wearable piece of in-game DLC, has become an unparalleled status symbol within the LBP fanbase. However, this monarchical garment isn't easily acquired -- it'll take more than a completely original Trophy collection level or an overflowing PSN Wallet to bring home Media Molecule's royal headgear.

The latest LBP "Sack it to Me" news update outlined the three different methods players can use to obtain the crown. None of said methods are a breeze -- you've either got to catch their attention on the LittleBigWorkshop forums, create something in-game that ultimately becomes an internet phenomenon, or win one of their LittleBigChallenges. They anticipate that only 50 crowns will be awarded this year -- so you should probably start being secure about wearing that lowly space helmet for a while.

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