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Infinity Ward Twitter page welcomes suggestions for 'Modern Warfare 2'


You'd think Infinity Ward, developer of various Call of Duty titles (including 2007's enormously popular Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare) would just come out and say it already. Between the not-so-clandestine Tweets from IF Community Manager Robert "Fourzerotwo" Bowling and Activision big boss Bobby Kotick outright announcing the title to a group of potential advertisers, we're pretty sure Modern Warfare 2 exists ... somewhere.

As if to add fuel to our already brightly burning fire, Infinity Ward recently created a Twitter page specifically for community contribution to their clearly in-progress game. Got something to tell Mr. Bowling and the rest of the folks hard at work on the next Modern Warfare game? Head over to your Twitter account and write in your under 140 character suggestion with a "#MW2" hashtag. And no, like you, we didn't know what a "hashtag" was until just now.

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