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New Lich King stein for getting your drink on

When the weekend comes, there's nothing better than kicking back, gathering up some friends (online or in meatspace) and getting your game on. Well, if you're the World of Warcraft player who already has just about everything there is to have, there's a new item on the market. Blizzard and 3 Point Entertainment are offering a brand new Wrath of the Lich King themed stein for your frosty weekend beverage enjoyment - or for just sitting on a shelf. Your choice.

The previous two steins for the Alliance and the Horde, with artwork designed by Glenn Rane and Samwise Didier, sold like wildfire at BlizzCon last year. Considering that, it's likely the base $90 model will do well among the devoted Blizz fans who absolutely love to collect game memorabilia. Of course, If that's not cool (read: expensive) enough for you, there's also a $175 limited-edition model which is signed by Alex Horley, the artist who designed this new bit of functional collector's kipple. If you're into decorative steins and can afford it, be sure to get your order in soon; they ship them in late April/early May. This mere mortal will stick with her beloved (read: cheap) coffee cup.

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