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RIM canning BlackBerry Unite! and BPS?

Chris Ziegler

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If we have any readers you use BlackBerry Unite! or BlackBerry Professional Software, we'll feel like we've won the lottery -- but yeah, to the two of you: get ready to make other arrangements. Word on the street is that RIM is getting ready to deep-six two of its light-use management packages in the next few months, likely a result of a killer combination of poor planning, poor execution, and poor uptake. Unite! is geared strictly toward families looking to exchange photos and calendars with one another (you know, the kinds of families where 9-year-old Julie has the Bold and daddy has the hand-me-down 8800) -- a good idea in theory, but few carriers have elected to roll it out. BPS, meanwhile, is designed for small offices where full-fledged BES might be overkill, but RIM's tendency to let the package stagnate after a BES release probably sealed its fate. BerryReview claims that Unite! will reach end-of-life status in July, while BPS will get cut out of the picture just as soon as BES 5.0 hits the streets. So long, guys; we hardly knew ye.

[Via BlackBerryNews]

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