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ASUS to showcase Marine Cool concept motherboard at CeBIT

Darren Murph

Check it, OC'ing freaks -- ASUS is apparently planning to debut a new concept motherboard at CeBIT, the aptly titled Marine Cool. The high-end mobo is said to be "unlike any other motherboard on the market," with the all new backplate being the showstopping feature. It's said that the backplate features a "micro-porous ceramic" technology, which delivers quicker heat dissipation than existing alternatives. If you're still scratching your head in a seemingly futile attempt to figure out why this matters, the new cooling tech should allow for components to handle even more extreme overclocking without having to hook up some sort of liquid nitrogen rig. One curious aspect was the decision to include dual SO-DIMM slots in place of traditional desktop-grade DIMM slots, though we don't suspect that'll be a deal breaker for those willing to accept sacrifices for maximum cooling. As is always the case with ASUS, there's no indication of a price or eventual commercialization date, but hopefully we'll get more from the show floor in Hannover.

[Via HotHardware, thanks JC]

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