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Atlantica Online opens sixth server to meet growing demand

Shawn Schuster

Atlantica Online has grown into such a behemoth of a game that they've recently announced the opening of their sixth server to meet growing consumer demand. This server, named Delphi, will open to the public on March 6th during a special two-week event celebrating the game's success.

Fortnight of the Oracle will follow the opening of the new server and allow players to receive a 120% experience boost, which will be increased to 150% on weekends. In addition, you'll also be able to enjoy:

  • Level-up Race –More than 100 players will receive 1,000 Gcoins for reaching a designated level the fastest.
  • Screenshot Contest – Players who submit the best screenshots will receive Gcoin prizes.
  • Quiz Bowl – Players who correctly answer questions from GMs will receive in-game item prizes.
  • Monster Hunts – Unique enemies will be spawned at various sites for new players to battle and earn rewards.
  • Treasure Hunts and Item Giveaways – New players will have more opportunities to find crystals and scroll boxes and receive other free in-game items.

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