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Bonus cellphone found in bag of Aldi potato chips, charger unfortunately absent

Tim Stevens

When we were kids, a box of cereal wasn't worth eating if there wasn't a free toy buried in the bottom somewhere. Emma Schweiger of Janesville Township, Wisconsin has sadly forgotten those days, reacting in horror not joy when she found an unexpected free prize in her bag of potato chips purchased at Aldi. While rummaging through the greasy fragments she uncovered an aged Nokia handset, bereft of charge, covered in cholesterol, and sporting a T-Mobile SIM card. No address book has yet been retrieved to identify the phone's owner, but the discolored disc on the back where an adhesive belt clip had been applied is a pretty strong clue to how it came to its carb-laden cocoon. As for Schweiger, she's pledged to always pour her bag of chips into a bowl prior to eating -- which happens to also be the easiest way to get the toy out of a particularly unappealing box of cereal.

[Via Engadget Spanish]

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