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Dexter's game debut gets delayed, new images spill out

Showtime's lovable serial killer will have to wait for his video game debut. According to a press release, Dexter for the iPhone has been delayed until the summer -- it was originally expected in February. Unfortunately, no release date details for the PC version, first revealed by Mark Fernandez -- VP of publisher Marc Ecko Entertainment -- at this year's Comic Con, were mentioned.

In the game players will take on the role of Dexter (surprise!), Miami Metro Police Department blood splatter analyst by day and serial killer by night -- don't worry, Dex only kills bad guys the system puts back on the streets. The game features puzzle solving, mini-games and the ability to wield your iPhone like a knife -- allowing you to swing it wildly. Dexter features a story from show writer Timothy Schlattmann and recorded dialogue from Michael C. Hall. We'd recommend staying close to home while playing this one, getting your Dexter on during a bus ride may result in punching people in the head -- in the effort of high score stabbing.

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