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Telsey BLOBbox grabs TV wherever it may be: OTA, torrents or streaming


Say hello to yet another Internet / TV mash-up, with the CeBIT launch of the first TVBLOB powered device, the Telsey BLOBbox. Taking the widget platform idea even further further, the BLOBbox promises access to DTV broadcasts with a user upgradable 160GB DVR, and unlimited potential for pulling in Internet videos via BitTorrent, HTTP/FTP, podcasts, and streaming either directly or from a local PC. Unlike, for example, the Yahoo! powered TVs we saw at CES where manufacturers can determine access to functionality, the Linux based system touts open technologies, and its BLOBKit SDK is available today in the hopes of creating an environment where anyone can create and deliver a TV app, without worrying about content deals. At launch, there's 1080p out over HDMI and an Ethernet hookup, with an optional dongle for WiFi, and apps for YouTube,, Picasa and more built in. MP4, DivX and XviD support is accounted for with upgrades like Facebook access and MKV said to be on the way for the €389 ($490) box, currently available through an Italian reseller, at least until someone decides to bring this over here.

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