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Three words that sound like crack: Watchmen iPhone MMO

As with just about every group of comic book geeks out there, the Massively offices have been positively abuzz with discussion of the Watchmen movie coming out this Friday (or Thursday at Midnight, if you're like us and already have your tickets). Of course, with any hot movie property comes a video game, and it appears that Watchmen is to be no different. Well, no different, save that the Watchmen: Justice is Coming game is getting the MMO treatment - on the iPhone and iPod touch.

In a special edition of the MMO Report on G4, details have been released on this new portable-platform MMO that's been developed by Last Legion Games in conjunction with Warner, Paramount and Legendary Pictures. The idea is that in Watchmen: Justice is Coming, players start out as regular everyday people out to combat crime in a 1970's pre-movie New York, who gain better items to gear themselves up. (Sound familiar?) While the combat appears to be old-school basic Street Fighter style, the general concept could be pretty cool. But really, who are we kidding? We'll probably buy it just to play an MMO with Rorschach in it and to check out this new iPhone tech. Since it goes live in the App store on the 6th, it will give us something to do while we're waiting in line to see the movie again.

Be sure to check out the video behind the jump, or head on over to the official Watchmen: Justice is Coming site for some more screenshots.

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