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Apple morning roundup, few Mac products left unscathed


Apple let loose a flurry of minor product revisions this AM, bumping internals on the Mac mini, iMac, Mac Pro and MacBook Pro -- even the AirPort Extreme and Time Capsule networking products got spruced up, while the Apple Keyboard got its numpad lopped off. It was one crazy morning. Check it all out below.

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Apple debuts new iMacs, including cheaper 24-incher
Apple just announced new 24-inch and 20-inch iMacs, with some friendlier pricing and Mini DisplayPort video out.

Apple announces Nehalem-based Mac Pro
Apple has announced a new Nehalem based Mac Pro with a starting price of $2,499.
Apple refreshes Mac mini lineup with GeForce 9400M graphics
We suppose the expected five USB ports will be a boon for homebuilt RAID enthusiasts, and the Mini DisplayPort and DVI plugs make for some nice dual monitor support.

Apple axes the numeric keypad on iMac's standard wired keyboard
Apple has swapped out the standard wired Apple Keyboard for a new model lacking a numeric keypad.

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