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Hands-off with ASUS' Dual Panel Touchscreen PC at CeBIT

Darren Murph

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It may be snoozin' time on the East Coast of America, but things are already getting heated in Hannover. Live from the CeBIT floor, we present to you ASUS' Dual Panel touchscreen PC. The show models were still very much conceptual, with the hinges showing signs of imperfections and the interface not quite ready to be touched by onlookers. We did spot that the units on hand were humming along on Windows 7, though. The on-screen keyboard looked great from where we stood, but it's tough to say how hard it would be to get used to banging out dissertations on a flat panel. At any rate, feel free to browse the gallery below -- and stick around, we'll be bringing you lots, lots more where this came from.

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