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Hobbyist brings multitouch to the Nokia 5800, doesn't fix 3G reception

Chris Ziegler

Okay, yes, pardon the headline -- we're a little fired up about the 5800's 3G situation at the moment, and at a time like this, nothing soothes the soul quite like some awesome hackery. Self-described "homebrew coder" Jamie Fuller has somehow magically turned the singletouch 5800 into a multitouch device, delivering a proof of concept in the form of a Guitar Hero-style game requiring cat-like thumb reflexes in response to the beat of one of the best songs we've ever heard. Considering that neither the hardware nor the software technically support multitouch here, it's a hell of a feat -- and it's also proof that hope springs eternal for even the most seemingly hopeless limitations of your favorite gadget, no matter what that gadget might be. The developer says that the app will eventually be available for free once it's further along, and in the meantime, he needs some beta testers and help with graphics -- you know, something beyond colored circles -- so if the dream of putting two fingers on your 5800's screen at the same time keeps you awake at night, you might consider pitching in. Follow the break for a video demo.

[Via Symbian Freak, thanks mj]

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