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[Insert new headline about Midway losing money here]

Justin McElroy

[From the Joystiq accounting department: In an effort to conserve funds in these tough times, we've cobbled together this story about Midway losing money from fragments of other stories about Midway losing money, with a minimum of editing and the small bit of news bolded. Thank you for your patience during these trying times.]

As pillars continue to topple all around Midway, the company has begun to search for new ways to [1] plan for survival in its continuing struggle to keep its head above water [2]. But for every small chance at redemption Midway Games finds, there seems to be another piece of bad news hiding around the corner. The latest nugget of news is that [3] budgets estimate that between February 9 and May 4, Midway will spend $12,392,598, an approximately 75% depletion of its reserves.

Midway owner ... relatively unknown Mark Thomas [4] says "Midway is hemorrhaging cash at an alarming rate," though we're sure the words he was really looking for were complicated and terrifying [5]. When things are going south as quickly as they have gone for Midway, you take your victories where you can [6], they have already shipped 1.8 million copies of Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe! [7]

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