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New Watchmen gear and upcoming interactive spaces for PlayStation Home


Still wondering where those interactive spaces are for Warhawk and Uncharted: Drake's Fortune? Don't worry, we are too, but apparently there's a bright light on the horizon.

TedTheDog, the community manager of PlayStation Home, has shed some light on the upcoming additions to Sony's online virtual space in his recent news update. What has officially been added are some brand new clothing in the Threads store, including a few free outfits and t-shirts featuring the Watchmen.

Past those additions, Ted has added more news regarding the eagerly awaited interactive spaces, including information about the SOCOM 2 space, Uncharted space, Warhawk space, Resident Evil 5 space, and Siren: Blood Curse space. It appears that all of these spaces are being worked on and will be delivered shortly, the first ones being Warhawk and Uncharted space.

The bad news to all of this is that no dates are given on any of it. Looks like we'll still be waiting, but perhaps not as long this time.

[Via Eurogamer]

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