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Report: Midway trying to salvage Ed Boon's promised $1 million bonus

Jason Dobson

As pillars continue to topple all around Midway, the company has begun to search for new ways to stay relevant, reaching out to one of the last remaining assets left in the struggling publisher's corner. Despite reportedly offering up company darling Mortal Kombat for sale, The Cut Scene reports that Midway hopes to keep series co-creator Ed Boon around -- at least for a while longer -- by continuing to pay bonuses for his role in Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe and an unannounced series entry in 2009's fourth quarter.

Midway has apparently asked bankruptcy court for approval to pay the designer some $900,000 for sales of last year's comic book crossover. Another $105,000 is promised for other MK franchise revenue to Boon, whom Midway describes as "critical to maximizing the value of one of the Debtors' primary assets." The report suggests that keeping Boon around makes Mortal Kombat more attractive to potential suitors, assuming that he tags along if a company happens to open up its wallet.

Still, critical or not, paying out bonuses seems like a tall order to fill for an outfit that's up to its eyeballs in debt.

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